Amongst the pictures from Martyn Heyne’s childhood that you’ll find in his parents’ photo collection is one of him, aged two, strumming a canoe paddle like a guitar. If ever there were proof of the man’s natural born urge to make music, it’s this. Heyne’s approach to his art has always remained idiosyncratic, too: when he began teaching himself the piano, he developed a system based around the symmetry of the keyboard rather than its scales. 


The release of Heyne’s debut mini-album confirms he’s maintained his unusual, distinctive approach to music ever since. Working mainly with guitar, synthesisers and a drum machine – each enhanced by his trademark, vintage studio trickery – the composer has crafted six delicate pieces that are as moving as they are intricate. Whether it’s ‘Sparks’’ graceful melody, the lithe, rippling ‘Brandung’, or the gentle tremble of ‘Monoment’, their magical appeal lies not only in their detailed precision, but also in the rare serenity they afford their audience. He credits this plaintive, pastoral and evocative quality to a diverse range of influences, including Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Portishead, Boards of Canada and Krautrock.


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Anne ller (ger)

Anne Müller is versatile cellist who participates in a variety of different musical worlds. Born and raised in Berlin, she studied classical performance with Prof. Michael Sanderling at the 'Hanns Eisler' Academy and completed her Masters degree at the Frankfurt University of Music.

Though she is an accomplished orchestral performer and chamber musician, Anne is also active in the realm of popular, contemporary, and experimental music. Equipped with an arsenal of loop and effect pedals, she creates her special cello sound with absorbing soundscapes, a vortex of feedback, drone and glitches.


Anne Müller is also a frequent contributor to recordings on the UK-based neo-classical label Erased Tapes; here she can be found in collaboration with German Pianist Nils Frahm (7Fingers,2011) and Ólafur Arnalds (Stare, 2012). She also creates her own compositons as a solo artist, the first collection of which will be released on Erased Tapes..

Stefano Guzzetti (it)

Stefano Guzzetti has studied Electronic Music at the Conservatory ‘G.P. Da Palestrina’ of Cagliari, he writes music for his albums and for soundtracks as well. He also wrote the music and sound design for Einaudi Editore’s booktrailer on the novel by Murakami Haruki entitled ‘Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and his years of pilgrimage’.


His music has been released on the Japanese labels Home Normal and P*Dis and he has been featured on The Wire Magazine. He recently signed a publishing contract with Mute Records and in march 2016 the promotion for his last studio album ‘Leaf’ saw him touring in London, Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo. His music on Spotify has scored a total amount of nearly 22 million plays so far. He wrote the music for the ‘Escape’ ballet by the London based company LCP Dance Theatre. ‘Escape’ has been performed in London and at the Fringe of the Festival of Edinburgh in august 2016.


Kinbrae (sco)

Inspired by the remote Isle of Coll in Scotland, the record portrays the year that Andy Truscott spent working on the island in 2014/15. ‘Tidal Patterns’ is an album that explores remoteness, seclusion and the feelings that these can evoke. It confronts the apprehension and doubt often experienced when starting afresh and escaping comfort zones as well as embracing new ways of life in an unfamiliar environment.


The album makes use of the unique sounds that can be heard on the island, gathered through field recordings depicting the wildlife, culture and ambience of the remote region. These field recordings have been complimented by rich orchestral scores composed by Andy and his twin brother Mike. From a starting point of piano and brass, the brothers have augmented their arrangements to include a range of instruments including strings, synthesizers, kalimbas and various other instruments.

John Metcalfe (nzl)

Producer and arranger to the likes of Coldplay, Peter Gabriel and Blur, John Metcalfe is one of the most sought after musicians in the business. Metcalfe’s gorgeous latest solo album, „The Appearance of Colour“, (described as „effervescent, divinely beautiful“ by Clash magazine and „staggerngly beautiful“ by Mary Anne Hobbs on BBC6 Music) unites the disparate strands of his kaleidoscopic musical world. Within the album are powerful rhythmic strings evoking the world of systems music, moments of transcendent solo piano, shimmering electronics and guitar, elements of drum and bass, and of chamber music.


Of the album Metcalfe says: „My initial notion was to try and write music as free as possible from conscious narrative and create a sound world that triggers more intense reactions in our non-verbal minds. The music is inspired by many disparate things; among them a love of trees - their sounds and movements, dreams of flying and perceptions of colours for different musical keys.”


Metcalfe’s output spans many genres. In addition to collaboration with a huge range of artists from Morrisey to Pretenders and his work in radio/tv he tours and records as violist with the renown classical Duke String Quartet. He was a member of cult band Durutti Column and alongside Tony Wilson launched the pioneering Factory Classical on Manchester’s legendary Factory. He also performs and records with the Max Richter Ensemble.


John is currently working on his fifth studio album due for release in Autumn 2017.

Martyn Heyne (ger)